We train High Stakes players to think, play, & WIN by PREDICTING Random Events, based on recent Linear Fractal research breakthroughs and
apply lessons that teach STEEL-MINDED self-discipline.

If you can't EASILY AFFORD the cost of this training, then DO NOT BUY IT!
History teaches that People playing with "scared money"--money they fear losing-- WILL find a way to lose... no matter how good a prediction and bet selection system they use.

My son suggests that I make a "discounted" offering of my basic training program to quietly honor the sad passing of the "river of money" flowing from family fortunes into casino coffers around the world...
ONLY 2 more
"IN-CASINO level" students will be trained this year by Coach Yarbrough.

Who is Coach Yarbrough?

Exhibition with $800 buy-in
Last week I traveled to Las Vegas to demonstrate my new fractal-based Baccarat play-prediction approaches to highly regarded casino game inventor "Richard Lofink." (The exhibition involved my buying in with only $800)
. Mr. Lofink insisted on recording this "Youtube posted" video after seeing our privately staged exhibition at the Venetian's baccarat table. Richard is the renowned inventor of "Spanish 21", "No-commission Baccarat", and "Dragon Baccarat".

Excerpt from
Coach Yarbrough's
Revolutionary book
about Fractals.

Podcast dialog

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I am honored that Serena Erhlich kindly remembers me, and would share her thoughts with thousands of her followers.
-- Be sure to READ this Disclaimer --
Disclaimer: This Training Program was created for the sharpening of RUTHLESSNESS and Random Event PREDICTIVE SKILLS for pro-level high-stakes Baccarat players. No other program available today can touch its effectiveness. However some investors are applying it to market predictions--which it "may" help with, but was not designed for.

[See ENDORSEMENTS BELOW by notable High Stakes players and a VIDEO endorsement by the most renowned CASINO game inventor living today.]

FRACTAL MATH PROMO:The Linear-Fractal insights provided, represent a whole new class of random event predictors. Insights that frankly are "Superior" to the weak fractal predictors made freely available to the public for price and range stock prediction. Also note that these new fractal insights are closely held by the privileged few with access to them because they are powerful event predictors even in a random events environment as is found in the casino.

--why Ruthlessness? See blue font explanation below--
EASY TO LEARN-- Click Here to see additional press about Coach Yarbrough and additional endorsements by people such as an INTEL executive and a well known Chinese businessman!!!
1. Bill Heard III -
Bill is a laser-focused businessman & the former Owner, President, & CEO
of the Largest Group of Chevrolet / GM Dealerships in the World.

"Ben, I now share your belief in the conservative and steady profits that can be achieved with fast-action risk taking. The time we spent on the Gulf Coast showed me the (financial) potential and fun of using your approach to gaming."

--"Your knowledge of random events prediction is a true talent."--



2. Highly regarded Surgeon
had his doubts:

"I have been risking money my entire life, wandering aimlessly in the desert looking for the holy grail of winning ...I've played all the games and spent hundreds of thousands on manuals and systems... most of which were complicated, and definitely all were losers... each failing to address all the critical attributes of walking away a winner.... I therefore had serious reservations about Ben and his system..... although only one month in, it completely addressed all of my "tiger traps", the psychological weaknesses that i could never overcome until now."



3. Chinese M&A (mergers and acquisitions) Attorney from New York. who won over $1,000,000 in the followimg year.
After completing Training with Coach Yarbrough, this Berkeley educated Attorney made the final table in two Million Dollar Baccarat Tournaments in just one week!--a feat never before accomplished! During the time I spent with him in Las Vegas, after his studying at home for several weeks, I joined him at the Bellagio where he arranged for us to stay in two 35th floor luxury suites.
NOTE: In the photo above, our student is seen knocking 10 time World Poker Champion Johnny Chan out during the semi-finals of the Million Dollar tournament held at the MGM Grand. --Chan had won this same tournament the year before). .

Click photo to see a short YouTube video from our initial Strategy session at his Bellagio penthouse suite.

Click photo above to see LINEAR FRACTAL book excerpts.

To become reliable financial winners with UNWAVERING FOCUS on one's goals, ALL fast-action financial risk takers must incorporate two critical dimensions into their mental approach in order to WIN REGULARLY.
* The First CRITICAL dimension, is a mindset that has unblinking "RUTHLESSNESS" at its' core. Investors and players at the TOP of every field engaged in FAST-ACTION financial risk, have a cold devotion to results woven into the very fiber of their being, but this ruthless commitment to success does not come naturally. In fact, it can be argued that choosing ruthlessness as an operating style runs contrary to the "always be nice" brain-washing that a majority of society's members have received their entire lives.

YES, Ruthlessness has its place, just as tenderness has its place. But losing touch with your capability for ruthlessness when dealing with your enemies, inevitably means becoming their victim and finding your head and your wallet mounted on the wall of their trophy room.

HERE IS ONE SMALL EXAMPLE:The power of ruthlessness, is seen in its ability to nullify the effectiveness of adversaries using the rule of reciprocity against you
. This oft used ploy is employed by those bent on manipulating YOUR behavior and attitudes. They do this by giving small gifts to generate a feeling of obligation and indebtedness and the image of themselves as both generous and subservient--in the process, making one feel a little like a KING being put on a pedestal. It is only through becoming aware of what business adversaries are attempting to accomplish through these small acts of generosity, that the savvy financial warrior can inoculate himself from the debilitating soft feelings which inhibit the "full-tilt ruthlessness" that keeps you focused on the success path.

Here are just a few situations that demonstrate how the "Rule of Reciprocity" is seen weakening one's resolve to be cold, calculating, and strictly profit driven:

....... *Free nights or other incentives such as free money or gifts, offered to consumers (as a sort of bribe) causing their "marks" to put up with the hard sales pitch that they will be given by time-share salesmen (for example). [In fact it is safe to say that having the Rule of Reciprocity used against the unwitting consumer actually lowers that consumers IQ for a time--why else would they even consider purchasing a time-share with a huge monthly maintenance fee, or gamble huge amounts in any market (or house of gaming) without first getting the "lay of the land".].

.......* Free rooms, meals, and other complementaries are given to resort guests as an incentive to play house-favoring games. The offering of these freebies has an insidious backside purpose as well. [The withdrawal of these complimentaries is very skillfully used to cultivate fear in the minds of players and encourage the tendency to play without confidence--( you will be surprised to find out how they do this!).] Our approach teaches you to use your capability for ruthless operation to avoid this trap, while still taking advantage of generous freebies.

The second essential component of insight, (which has never before been offered to aspiring pro- gamblers or professional "fast-action" risk takers), involves sharing a number of wisdoms sourced in the new science of Linear Fractals. This tracking of fractal behavior actually provides a road map to predicting extremely SHORT-TERM FUTURE EVENTS.<,/font> [ Events that were once considered unpredictable are through the revealing of strong tendencies, providing revolutionary illumination of "what has a strong likelihood of happening in the very short term--as in, the next two events. "]

These insights have been revealed through extensive and ground-breaking Linear Fractal research, [see Linear Fractal Mathematics], and has been found to provide amazing insight into the unfolding of what were previously considered random scenarios common to both stock and financial market behavior, as well as being proven EFFECTIVE in enhancing the ability of High Stakes gaming professionals to PREDICT the random-events at resorts around the world.

So to recap; --
What our training program offers is twofold-

1. Comprehensive training in the art of "Ruthless Financial Interaction" that immunizes you against the disarming practices of shrewd hosts and managers in the casino industry, and

2. Training that gives you access to the incredible cutting-edge Short-term Trend and Random-Event FUTURE-prediction tools delivered by many years of Linear Fractal research, in a SIMPLE EASY TO USE FORM!

training program options:
Again, based on my son's suggestion, I am, for a limited time, making a "discounted" offering of my basic training program to commemorate the lives of those bills that have been sacrificed to the 'river of money' from family fortunes that nameless HOARDS have willingly donated ...

1. "Step-by-Step Home Training"
(coupled with detailed procedures to enhance your effectiveness as a cold AND ruthless player in the casino).
without Yarbrough's "In-Person" Training, but, with excellent "Online Support" from Coach Yarbrough --should it be needed--
normally $11,001 but for a short time only $6,501
(To purchase using Bitcoin call us using the contact information provided below)
You may upgrade this training option in the future by paying the difference
between the packages IF "In-Casino" training is still being offered at that time by Coach Yarbrough.

(to order and pay using check, money order, or BitCoin CONTACT us:
info @ Sunshine-Pub.com

2. Home training + (PLUS) one day of "On-Site" in-person training from Coach Yarbrough. "
After completing your at-home training, Coach Yarbrough spends one day with you at the location of your choice, observing you in-action and pointing out any potential problems he may see.)
--$14,997-- Discounted to $10,001
Coach Yarbrough will only be taking on
two more students at this level-- this year.

NOTE: there will be an additional charge with this option
(to cover your Coach's room and travel expenses --maximum $1,000 in USA )
Please contact Coach Yarbrough (by email or phone--see below) to work out the date & place scheduling details associated with this second (#2) training option.

To Contact us at Sunshine Publishing:

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