The only training of its kind available today:
Ruthlessness Enhancement joined with Linear-Fractal Trend training.

Exponentially improves long and short term "RISK Taking" performance
in a number of fields involving Financial risk taking.
--from financial markets to high stakes casino gaming.

This training is backed by "Strong Endorsements" and cutting edge "scientific precedents".

Let me tell you about one of my students. He left his job
(as a successful New York M&A attorney), to become a successful and totally ruthless
He is pictured on the endorsements page where he (following our training) placed in two $1,000,000 baccarat tournaments in one week. Also shown is a YouTube video of our strategy meeting held in his Bellagio Penthouse Apartment-- he was a $50-$100K per hand player so he was given the top Bellagio Suite available.
[At last report, his annual profit at his preferred game
High Stakes Baccarat was on the pace of $1,000,000
Be aware that achieving this level of success involves adopting a mindset of fearlessness, extreme self-control,
and a healthy measure of RUTHLESSNESS. a quality that we teach you to cultivate..
Our training is designed to take your FAST-ACTION Financial Risk-taking skills to a new level whether your skill areas are in the financial markets, or in casinos around the globe.
Bottom line this training is designed specifically for "High Stakes" Financial Warriors
--a group with a very special set of challenges that must be faced and overcome to remain consistently profitable. First, our training promotes a mindset that has unblinking "RUTHLESSNESS" at its' core. Investors and players at the TOP of every field engaged in FAST-ACTION financial risk, have a cold devotion to results woven into the very fiber of their being, but this ruthless commitment to success does not come naturally. In fact, it can be argued that choosing ruthlessness as an operating style runs contrary to the programming members of society have received their entire lives.
YES, Ruthlessness has its place, just as tenderness has its place. But losing touch with your capability for ruthlessness when dealing with your enemies --as is frequently the case in the casino environment, due to the artful games-playing that they are capable of orchestrating to knock you off your success track. Allow this to happen and you will certainly become yet another victim -- finding both your head and your wallet being mounted in their trophy room.

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about our Training.

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Elder statesman & renowned friend of High Stakes players "RICHARD LOFINK" (patent holder on and creator of "Spanish 21", "Dragon Baccarat", and "NO Commission Baccarat" casino games), "Richard Lofink" endorses Yarbrough's Critical "Ruthlessness" Player Training program.

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to see Casino Industry Icon's video endorsement.]

Read an excerpt from
yarbrough's revolutionary book

on Fractal based random event prediction

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Teaching players to predict
random events with a

verifiable rate of success!......

Observe coach yarbrough's
Casino Pirate student
defeats 10 time World Champion Poker player Johnny Chan in million dollar MGM Baccarat tournament --a tournament which Chan had won the previous year.
This same student made the final table in TWO $1,000,000 Baccarat Tournaments in one week.
This is the same student in the Bellagio Strategy Video, "Bellagio Penthouse" who the following year personally netted over $1,000,000 in "non-tournament play".


training program options:
1. "Step-by-Step Home Training" (coupled with detailed "in-casino" procedures to enhance your cold, ruthless effectiveness).
without "In-Casino" Training, with excellent Online Support--should it be needed--, ($5,501) 11 bitcoins
(To purchase using Bitcoin call us using the contact information provided below)

(to order and pay using check or money order, contact us at info @
2. Home training+ (PLUS) (one day of "On-Site"in-casino training. " ( After completing your at-home training, Coach Yarbrough spends one day at the casino of your choice observing you in action and pointing out any potential problems he may see.) ( $7,503 15 bitcoins). click here to see details --
3. Full 4 day "in-casino" coaching -($15,000) 30 bitcoins --[Contact Coach Yarbrough for additional details and requirements. This option is not for everyone, and your Coach reserves the right to select which potential students he wants to engage this level of training with.

For details about using BitCoins to purchase your training program,
email info @ or call (706) 366-8941 as soon as possible (asap).

Read about Yarbrough's training
in Traditional Chinese.

(INCLUDED for Oriental students with
their training program)


Bill Heard III -
former president of the "World's largest group of Chevrolet/GM dealerships (family owned).

"I now share your belief in the conservative and steady profits that can be achieved in risk taking.
The time we spent in Biloxi showed me the potential and fun of gambling with you. --Your knowledge of random events prediction is a true talent."

Pictured above is the Chinese M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) Attorney from N.Y. and Baccarat student who, after his training, made the final table in two "Million Dollar Baccarat Tournaments" in one week!--a feat never before accomplished! During my time spent with him in Las Vegas, he was a player who would normally bet in the $50,000-100,000 hand range.

A highly regarded physician/surgeon wrote the following:
"I have been risking money my entire life, wandering aimlessly in the desert looking for the holy grail of winning ...I've played all the games and spent hundreds of thousands on manuals and systems... most of which were complicated, and definitely all were losers... each failing to address all the critical attributes of walking away a winner.... I therefore had serious reservations about Ben and his system..... although only one month in, it completely addressed all of my "tiger traps", the psychological weaknesses that i could never overcome until now."








NOT simply the offering of a "play selection system".
Our Program represents the big picture re-training of individual players to think and act "professionally" regarding their casino play.
View our "track record" page--(it will help you understand the mindset and perspective of WINNING students! ).

The rewards of this training are immediate and lasting BUT
to maximize your benefits from it, you must approach your training seriously.
ADDITIONALLY it is recommended you act soon
(as this training is only being made available for a limited time.
.......................................................--Coach Yarbrough--

Track Record / Success stories
also Books, newspaper/magazine articles.--
track record page
--press- room

Incredible "live Play" videos below.
Watch $1,000 being turned into $39,000 in LIVE online casino play!

email-- "Info at"--putting Baccarat" in the subject line.

or call: (706) 505 - 2901 and leave a call-back name & number (w/ Aztec Engineering, LLP)
or call (706) 366-8941
for Answers.

--This training program is about "Winning the casino's money", having 'FUN', and
riding the wave of a 'investment-wagering revolution'!--
Are you "IN"
for this expansion of your skill set?

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In addition to providing top level players with a refresher course in being clinically and totally RUTHLESS--which will guide your financial Risk-Engaging activities, Yarbrough shares the wickedly effective "Fractal Based" random-event prediction method he has developed-- [some of which is revealed in his book Linear Fractal Mathematics"]. The amazing fractal insights have applications in areas from market trading, to Modern Casino action (as an example, the game of baccarat-- today's "best player odds game" -- which attracts the world's top money players).

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